How do you track productivity? Find here some tips and tricks.

We all know that productivity is important. Use this tips and tricks to enhance your employees productivity and boost the profitability of your organization:

  • Implement Project Management. There is no secret that implementing project management methodologies will enhance the productivity and the morale of your team. Being well organized the employees will work more efficient and the quality of the deliverable will enhance. There are a lot of easy to use and affordable applications on the market. Having an overview of who is doing what is a good thing for everyone. Managing expectations will keep everyone focused and aware of deadlines.
  • Set Expectations. Set clear goals for everyone. Both teams and individuals need to know the KPIs in order to be focused all the time. In order for them to be productive, they have to know what they’re working towards. Goals shall be specific, measurable and reachable. Goals should also be centered around more than just one type of performance KPI: Day-to-day tasks, Business growth and development, Profitability, Innovation.
  • Real time tracking. Daily checks might feel like you’re trying to micro-manage. But actually, that’s not the truth. Daily checks show employees you care about performance and want to stay in-the-know when it comes to productivity. More of that this is not done directly by you but by an application. Everyone can quantify the progress without any supervision. This is a great way to increase the morale and support the team when needed.
  • Performance orientation. When it comes to employee productivity tracking, this one may seem obvious. But the reality is a lot of companies don’t consider performance as a way to measure success. It’s easy to focus on ‘time spent’ on projects instead. Once you’ve set clear expectations for a team and each individual, be sure to track how well they’re performing their duties. Not how many hours are being put it — but how well goals are being met.
  • Focus on Results — Not Hours Worked. Employees are bound to ‘kill time’ if they feel like they have no other goal than to put in X amount of hours each day. Productivity will increase when the team is results oriented versus time put-in oriented. This is because there’s an incentive to complete tasks and achievements. Rather than twiddling their thumbs to fill time on the clock, your employees will feel motivated to get their work done.
  • Be Transparent by Communicating. Communication is the key to productivity because everyone needs to work together as a team to meet the organization’s goals. Employees shall know: Goals and objectives, How performance is being tracked, What expectations are for performance. This keeps your employees assured and confident of how to meet expectations and how their performance is being measured.
  • Reward Quality Not Quantity. It’s important to find a system for measuring quality when it comes to your employee’s work. Profitability KPIs can be a good indicator of the good work. Maybe your employee had to take a bit longer than usual to deliver at this level but the value received in return is priceless. Be sure to measure and reward quality performance.
  • Measure Goals. Both Short-Term and Long-Term Goals shall be properly tracked and measured. This will keep employees motivated by seeing small accomplishments along the way. It also paints a striking picture. It highlights the impact the little tasks are having at pushing towards the big goal.
  • Be transparent with Business Performance. Track High-Level Business Performance. Are your profit margins reflecting your team’s productivity? The bottom line matters. Period. Set efficiency aside for a minute. Make sure the metrics you use to measure performance can be directly related to your profit margins. Then you can have a system for employee productivity tracking that paints a true picture of the company’s performance.

Keeping track of your employees productivity doesn’t have to be a headache. There are tools and solutions available that can help you to manage your teams performance and take smarter and more informed business decisions.

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