Why time-sheet is important?

Every entrepreneur wants to make sure that all his employees are working effective and their productivity enhances day by day the business well-being and profit. As the company grows, it can be more difficult to keep track of what everyone is up to, and where people are spending their time. A good manager has to make sure that his people are working efficient and the efforts are made in a coordinated way to a clear measurable objective.

The simplest ting that have to be done is the implementation of a time sheet system. Seems simple, but in fact is a sensitive topic and have to be treated with high professionalism. People are usually discomforted by such activities as fill in the time sheets. To do this activity as smooth and pleasant as possible this shall be implemented as an opportunity for the employees to track their good results and eventually to receive rewards based on clear measurable achievements. More of that such tool no not have to be source of discomfort but contrary, shall provide other important information to the employee like vacation days, remote work, track of the overtime worked hours and other such information that could be relevant and useful for every employee in day bay day activities.

For companies, such system provides a simple solution to problems that can affect growth and can help to minimize waste and improve employee productivity and satisfaction. Used by companies large and small, and favored by agencies, remote teams and growing startups, employee time-sheets are a quick and easy way to make a meaningful change to the way your business runs. They can take the form of paper printouts that individual employees keep at their desks and hand in at the end of each week, an online shared document that everyone fills out each day or a powerful and automated online time-sheet software that runs in the background and monitors what your employees are working on.

Employee time-sheets can help to quantify time lost or roadblocks and help managers and executives take better leadership decisions that can reduce time waste and help encourage employees to work productively. Being able to see what everyone is working on and how long they spend working throughout the day, not only informs better decisions, but can also make you a more empathetic leader, as you understand intimately how hard your employees are working and the sacrifices they are making to help you grow your business. Showing empathy at work can inspire your employees to commit to their jobs more readily, make greater sacrifices, and can make your team better respect you as a leader — all things that can greatly boost your business’ chance of success.

Keeping track of your employees time-sheets doesn’t have to be a headache. There are tools and solutions available that can help you to manage your teams performance and take smarter and more informed business decisions.

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