Do you know how to regain full control over your projects?

First you need to know that nowadays there are better ways for implementing great projects and lead amazing teams. All you have to do is to find a suitable software application to implement. The days when these apps were expensive and difficult to implement are long gone.

Today these Business Management apps are highly affordable, easy to use and more of that, you do not have to bother with infrastructure because all is in cloud. This means you do not have to pay for servers and maintenance and IT guys to ensure 24/7 support. All you have to do is just having an internet connect and that’s it. All is there, plain and simple, and you pay only what you need. Usually the subscription is per user or per instance. We think that the most optimized price is per user because the entire set-up behind is developed to offer the best price for the service you get and offers you the price flexibility.

After you decide what the best app is for you, you have to enroll your entire organization in this app. You have to create the organization inside the app, set up teams and roles and make sure that you onboard everyone. That will ensure you do not miss any cost you have with manpower.

The next step is to create projects. For some organizations it is easy because they are already working on projects so it will come natural but for others it is difficult because the business is repetitive and there are no actually projects. Good news is that even these organizations can benefit on such apps because they can consider their support and productive departments or product lines as projects so they can track relevant profitability KPIs during time.

After you create the projects you have to make sure that your middle management empower this approach and they are using correctly and thoroughly the new system. If all the data is inserted in the application (manpower and invoices) you have the chance to actually analyze projects KPIs and in the end the entire business line or company. The process to onboard all the activities in the app is not easy but in the end the effort worth because you have an objective image on your performance. More of that it helps you take the right decisions at the right time not on feeling but on facts.

After you gone so far, the things get easier because all you have to do now is to fine tune your system. Over time optimizations can be done like integration with invoice systems or CRM systems but first make sure that you put in place the right system to match revenues with expenses and keep expenses under control to be able to obtain the maximum profit.

Keeping track of your projects and costs doesn’t have to be a headache. There are tools and solutions available that can help you to manage all of your finances and make smarter and more informed business decisions.

Get in touch with Wibiway team and we will be glad to support you. We are specialists in project management, business strategy, profitability and digital transformation. Our dedicated application will lead your way to track your KPIs and provide you the means to steer your business to success.

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